Custom telecom dc power systems customized Manufacturer | SOROTEC

Custom telecom dc power systems customized Manufacturer | SOROTEC

48VDC Outdoor Solar Power System Telecom Base Station SHW48250

Application: power plant or substation power for controlling, protection and automatic device, emergency lighting, communications, steam turbine DC oil pump and so on independent DC systems.  It can provide reliable power supply in the case of a power failure completely in plant or substation. The traditional DC systems connect battery pack and run with float charging mode. The new DC system run with silicon controlled rectifying power supply for battery. 

It is required to pass on-site quality control tests. It will be inspected with regard to seam slippage, color shading, color matching, and symmetry.

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With strong R&D strength and production capabilities, SOROTEC now has become a professional manufacturer and reliable supplier in the industry. All our products including telecom dc power systems are manufactured based on the strict quality management system and international standards. telecom dc power systems Having devoted a lot to product development and service quality improvement, we have established a high reputation in the markets. We promise to provide every customer throughout the world with prompt and professional service covering the pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. No matter where you are or what business you are engaged in, we'd love to help you deal with any issue. If you want to know more details about our new product telecom dc power systems or our company, feel free to contact us.We have a set of scientific cost control system, insist on strictly commanding and controlling telecom dc power systems the production cost of each link, try our best to reduce the cost to a lower level without violating the cost principle, and maintain it to ensure The produced telecom dc power systems has an affordable price.

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