Latest HES 6-8kW series inverter from SOROTEC

Take you to re-understand the functions and features of our best-selling HES series inverters

December 01, 2023
Latest HES 6-8kW series inverter from SOROTEC


Latest HES 6-8kW series inverter from SOROTEC

We are pleased to introduce our latest product - the HESIP65 inverter  . As a leading energy solution provider, it is a versatile inverter that can convert the DC power from photovoltaic cells into AC power for use in homes and commercial buildings, as well as feed the excess energy back into the grid.

The HESIP65 inverter is designed with an IP65 protection rating, enabling it to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures, rain, and dust. This makes it ideal for outdoor installation without concerns about performance being affected. The inverter also features intelligent monitoring capabilities, allowing users to monitor system performance and power generation anytime, anywhere through a mobile application.

1. Anti-island protection----When on-grid, AC is not normal, can disconnect immediately

2. Battery on grid function--you can sell battery power to the grid.

3. Mains delay function----Sometimes the mains power is unstable and suddenly rushes in, causing some electrical appliances to be burned out. With this function, household appliances can be better protected.

4. Lithium battery activation function--If the battery is exhausted, connect the inverter, power on, and the battery can be turned on.

5.Warranty for five years.

6. With CT, WIFI & parallel kit

Furthermore, it is equipped with multiple protection features to prevent damage from overheating, overcurrent, and other issues. The launch of the HESIP65 inverter will provide users with a more efficient and reliable energy solution. Whether it is for residential or commercial use, it helps users reduce energy consumption, decrease energy expenses, and contribute to environmental protection. We believe that the introduction of the HESIP65 inverter will reduce your monthly electricity costs by 50% and bring you a brand new energy experience.

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