Low Frequency Online UPS

Key Features:

1.1ph/1ph or 3ph/1ph, support 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz power system.

2.Pure-online double conversion technology, to provide the best quality of power supply.

3.Suitable for all kinds of loads, and a high overload capacity.

4.Super wide range of input voltage anti-interferance, adapt to harsh environment in power network.

5.Intelligent battery management, extending the battery life.

6.Large LCD display in Chinese and English, and Friendly human-machine interface.

High reliability design:

1.Double-conversion online design, make the output for UPS frequency tracking, phase-locked regulator, filter noise, low distortion, without interference of pure sine wave power supply, so that UPS for user provide more comprehensive and perfect protection.

2.Output conversion time, is zero to meet the sophisticated equipment for power high-standard requirements.

To load protection ability:

1.Machine the internal standard matches the output isolation transformer, anti-interference ability, environment and working conditions of information, user-friendly operation of the

UPS.To provide more comprehensive and perfect protection for the user’s equipment.

2.Tiny ground zero voltage difference, the power supply to meet the needs of the precision instruments to protect the safe operation of equipment.

3.Good load compatibility, and can be applicable to various types of loads, to meet various needs of applications.

Environment adaptable:

1.Wide voltage input range up to 304V-456V, avoid frequently switching to battery power supply, adapt to the power environment in poor areas.

2.Wide input frequency range of UPS, generators can be guaranteed access to a variety of fuel oil stability. Network Management humanity.

3.Using intelligent battery management technology to extend the life of the battery and reduce the number of maintenance.

4.Advanced constant voltage charging technology, maximum activation of the battery, charging time saving, to extend the battery life. English / Chinese (optional) LCD display panel, to the user

to accurately display the working environment and UPS status information, user-friendly operation of the UPS.

5.Through RS232 interface and intelligent monitor software to communicate with the computer, and the various parameters of UPS clear displayed on the communications interface.

6.External SNMP adapter, UPS with remote network management capabilities, providing real-time UPS date and power informationthroug havariety of net work operating system for communication and manage ment.


ModelGP9111C 6-15KVAGP9311C 10-40KVA
Rated voltage220V single phase380V three phase 4 wires+G
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
AC Input
Voltage Range220V 25%single phase380V 25%three phase 4 wires+G
Frequency Range50/60Hz 5%
Soft Start0-100% 5sec
Power Factor>0.92(with input filter)
Bypass Input
Voltage range220V 25% single phase380V 25%three phase 4 wires+G
Frequency Range50/60Hz 10%
Inverter Bypass(overload) 0ms
Voltage Accuracy220V 1%(steady-state load),220V 3%(load fluctuations)
Frequency Accuracy50/60Hz 0.05Hz(battery power)
Power Factor0.8(lagging)
Distortion<3%(linear load ), <5%(non linear load )
Steady-state response time<10ms
Overload Capacity110%load can run normally;125%10min;150%1min;
Nominal Voltage192V
Float Voltage216V
Shut-off Voltage168V
Charger Current4A/8A optional
AlarmSound and light alarm
ProtectionUPS over current short circuit under voltage over temperature
OperatingTemperature : 0-40℃ Relative humidity : 0-90% 
Box ColorGray(optional)
Physics Characteristic
Weight (KG)N.W122125103207182.5235.5285.8354.8354.8
Dimension (W x D x H)mm210X600X560305X586X850350X675X920430X792X1060
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