Next we introduce the PCB production process in details. First, all of the PCB boards will be washed by this Plasma cleaning machine. This is a very important process to keep the board clean also improve the welding quality to avoid empty welding, false welding, short circuit issues. 

Its function is to leak the solder paste onto the PCB boards through the stencil. Prepare for the soldering of components.

The components are put on the PCB board right location by this Samsung or Panasonic brands automatic Mounter. 

These boards are sent into the re-flow machine. The reflow oven  remelts the solder paste pre-distributed on the PCB board pads. It realizes the connection between the pins and the boards of the surface components. This the temperature curve of reflow machine. Actually, there are 3 process. First , the The first is the preheating stage to remove the moisture of the PCB boards. Second, it remelts the solder paste. Third , it is the cooling process.

We use the AOI(automated optical inspection) machine to inspect perform welding quality on the welded PCB board.

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