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Installation Precautions for PV Inverter

Precautions for inverter installation and maintenance:

1. Before installation, check whether the inverter is damaged during transportation.

2. When choosing the installation site, it should be ensured that there is no interference from any other power and electronic equipment in the surrounding area.

3. Before making electrical connections, be sure to cover the photovoltaic panels with opaque materials or disconnect the DC side circuit breaker. When exposed to sunlight, the photovoltaic array will generate dangerous voltages.

January 19, 2022

4. All installation operations must be completed by professional and technical personnel only.

5. The cables used in the photovoltaic system power generation system must be connected firmly, with good insulation and suitable specifications.

6. All electrical installations must meet local and national electrical standards.

7. The inverter can be connected to the grid only after obtaining the permission of the local power department and completing all electrical connections by professional technicians.

8. Before any maintenance work, the electrical connection between the inverter and the grid should be disconnected first, and then the electrical connection on the DC side should be disconnected.

9. Wait at least 5 minutes until the internal components are discharged before maintenance work.

10. Any fault that affects the safety performance of the inverter must be eliminated immediately before the inverter can be turned on again.

11. Avoid unnecessary circuit board contact.

12. Comply with electrostatic protection regulations and wear anti-static wristbands.

13. Pay attention to and follow the warning signs on the product.

14. Preliminarily visually inspect the equipment for damage or other dangerous conditions before operation.

15. Pay attention to the hot surface of the inverter. For example, the radiator of power semiconductors, etc., still maintain a high temperature for a period of time after the inverter is powered off.

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