An inverter is a power conditioning device composed of semiconductor devices, which is mainly used to convert DC power into AC power. It consists of a boost circuit and an inverter bridge circuit. The boost circuit boosts the DC voltage of the solar cell to the DC voltage required for the inverter output control; the inverter bridge circuit converts the boosted DC voltage into an AC voltage with a common frequency equivalently. The inverter is mainly composed of switching elements such as transistors. By regularly turning the switching elements on and off (ON-OFF), the output is converted from direct current to alternating current. Of course, such an inverter output waveform simply generated by opening and closing the loop is not practical. Generally, it is necessary to use high-frequency pulse width modulation to narrow the voltage width near the two ends of the sine wave and widen the voltage width in the center of the sine wave, and always make the switching element move in one direction at a certain frequency during the half cycle, thus forming a pulse wave column (quasi-sine wave). Then let the pulse wave pass through a simple filter to form a sine wave.

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