55MWh world's largest hybrid battery energy storage system will be opened

The world’s largest combination of lithium-ion battery storage and vanadium flow battery storage, the Oxford Energy Superhub (ESO), is about to start trading in full on the UK electricity market and will demonstrate the potential of a hybrid energy storage asset.

The Oxford Energy Super Hub (ESO) has the world's largest hybrid battery storage system (55MWh).

April 14, 2022

Pivot Power's hybrid lithium-ion battery and vanadium flow battery energy storage system at the Oxford Energy Super Hub (ESO)

In this project, the 50MW/50MWh lithium-ion battery energy storage system deployed by Wärtsilä has been trading in the UK electricity market since mid-2021, and the 2MW/5MWh vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system deployed by Invinity Energy Systems. The system is likely to be built this quarter and will be operational by December of this year.

The two battery storage systems will operate as a hybrid asset after an introduction period of 3 to 6 months and will operate separately. Invinity Energy Systems executives, trader and optimizer Habitat Energy and project developer Pivot Power said the hybrid deployment system will be uniquely positioned to capitalize on opportunities in the merchant and ancillary services markets.

In the commercial sector, vanadium flow battery energy storage systems can earn profit spreads that may be smaller but last longer, while lithium-ion battery energy storage systems can trade at larger but shorter spreads in fluctuating conditions. time profit.

Ralph Johnson, head of Habitat Energy's UK operations, said: "Being able to capture two values using the same asset is a real positive for this project and something we really want to explore."

He said that due to the longer duration of the vanadium flow battery energy storage system, ancillary services such as dynamic regulation (DR) can be provided.

The Oxford Energy Superhub (ESO), which has received £11.3 million ($15 million) in funding from Innovate UK, will also deploy a battery car charging station and 60 ground source heat pumps, although they are all direct Connect to a National Grid substation instead of a battery storage system.

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