Multiple battery storage projects under construction in Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada, is developing multiple solar-plus-storage projects that will add nearly 300MW of battery storage to the province's grid.

The first grid-scale battery storage project to be deployed in Alberta is the 10MW/20MWh Windcharger battery storage system deployed in conjunction with a wind farm, which developer Trans Alta Renewables will not bring into service until the end of 2020.

Alberta's first deployment of a solar-plus-storage project was approved in April 2020, combining a 13.5MW solar power facility with an 8MW/8MWh battery storage system.

April 23, 2022

Alberta-based developer Greengate Power has formed a subsidiary called Jurassic Solar to begin developing a solar-plus-storage project called Jurassic Solar+ in early 2021.

The Jurassic Solar+ project is expected to have a 35-year lifespan, and will build a 216MW solar power facility with an 80MW/80MWh battery energy storage system, which will be connected to the province's transmission grid through multiple inverter/transformer stations in the Alberta Interconnection Electric Power Systems (AIES).

The project will be built on private land, and Greengate Power has hosted an online "open house" session to share project information with the community and local stakeholders. The company hopes to receive permits and approvals this year, with construction to begin in the second quarter of 2023 and to be operational in about a year.

Meanwhile, Westbridge Energy, a Vancouver-based greenfield renewable energy developer, is seeking approval for two large-scale solar facilities to be deployed with battery storage.

Westbridge Energy provided investors with an update on the company in early March, including a note about its two solar-plus-storage projects, Georgetown and Sunnynook.

The Georgetown project will build a 278MW solar farm and the Sunnynook project will build a 236MW solar farm. Each project is equipped with a 100MW battery energy storage system and interconnected with the grid.

Westbridge Energy is preparing to apply to regulator Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) for approval of the Georgetown solar-plus-storage project, which was awarded a "low risk" rating in February. The second phase of its connection process with grid operator Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) is also nearing completion.

Further design and engineering activities on the Georgetown solar-plus-storage project will begin this quarter, Westbridge Energy said. The Sunnynook solar+storage project is also in the second phase of the connection process, and its remaining environmental studies, stakeholder engagement and other permitting activities will begin shortly.

The company's CEO Stefano Romano said, "The recent volatility in electricity prices and the intermittency of renewable energy generation has accelerated the development of energy storage projects. Battery energy storage systems can dispatch electricity from renewable energy sources to the grid and Serving the grid with the goal of improving grid reliability, supporting renewable energy integration and deferring transmission upgrades.”

Other types of battery storage projects are also being developed in Alberta: Vanadium flow battery supplier InvinityEnergy Systems recently won a contract to deploy a 2.8MW/8.4MWh vanadium flow battery storage facility to complement a 21MW solar power facility. energy system, and the project was funded by Alberta’s Emissions Reduction Program.

Another is that Trans Alta plans to deploy a 180MW battery energy storage system, and its project name is Watercharger.

US aerospace and defense technology company Lockheed Martin said the first large-scale pilot energy storage project of its proprietary flow battery technology will be deployed in conjunction with another solar farm in Alberta.

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