Powin Energy and O2 Power join forces to enter Indian energy storage market

Oregon-based US-based battery energy storage system (BESS) integrator and manufacturer Powin Energy is making a foray into the Indian energy storage market.

Danny Lu, executive vice president of the company, said recently that it has formed a partnership with Indian renewable energy platform developer O2 Power and may seek to develop energy storage-related manufacturing operations in India.

Founded in 2019, O2 Power has won a contract for 1.8GW of renewable energy deployment, with financial support from two investment companies, EQT Infrastructure in Sweden and Temasek in Singapore.

May 03, 2022

Meanwhile, Powin Energy has a global pipeline of more than 6GWh of battery storage project contracts, albeit with a major focus on its US market, and has deployed around 2GWh of storage to date. The company designs, manufactures and integrates systems using lithium batteries from Tier 1 suppliers, and last year launched its latest modular battery energy storage solution, the Centipede platform, which can integrate Powin Stack750E modular energy storage systems of over 200MWh Deployed on an acre of land.

While India only deployed its first grid-scale battery storage system pilot project in 2019, the Indian government has made clear its support for storage deployment and its role in the country's energy sector, with a goal of deploying 500GW of wind by 2030 Power generation and solar power facilities.

Danny Lu said that in order to enter the Indian market, it is crucial to find a strong local partner for cooperation, and the two parties will divide labor according to their respective core competencies.

"India is an extremely unique market in terms of market dynamics, barriers to entry, and even how to bid - we are really looking for a quality partner like O2 Power to overcome market barriers and Understand local market dynamics.”

Apart from having a very good source of funding from the company, O2 Power is also highly competitive in the EPC space in India, he said. Crucially, O2 Power also knew how to secure bids for projects in the country.

Danny Lu said. "India is a very large market, but there are also a lot of unique things, and we need local partners to really solve the problems we face."

Peeyush Mohit, COO and President of O2 Power, said that to date, India has deployed more than 100GW of renewable energy, and plans to reach 500GW by 2030. play a key role in the power grid.

According to the Indian Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), only about 85MWh of grid-connected battery energy storage systems have come online or are being deployed in India so far, but it has a planned pipeline of 4.6GWh projects, including 3.3GWh of tenders and 1.2GWh of announced winning bids. project.

Danny Lu said, “India is currently conducting a large number of energy storage tenders, including the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) tendering for a 500MW/1000MWh energy storage system, and the State-owned Power Corporation of India (NTPC) tendering for a total of 500MW/3000MWh energy storage projects , all of which are hyperscale energy storage projects that we must do our best to win.

Powin Energy's role is to support O2 Power in sizing and designing these projects, potentially implementing local manufacturing in India, and supporting the Indian market at competitive prices, providing support for commissioning energy storage systems and long-term operation and maintenance. "

He said one of the most exciting things about the partnership with O2 Power is that the company has a well-established service department in India that can train to service, install and commission Powin Energy's energy storage systems and become Its sole service provider in India.

In addition to stimulating industry growth through tender deployment and tweaking the regulatory framework, the Indian government is also looking to support upstream manufacturing, most recently providing incentives and support for a 50GWh Advanced Chemical Cell (ACC) battery factory.

For energy storage system integrator Powin Energy, its battery products can be purchased and assembled in India.

The company recently struck a deal to try to bring its manufacturing closer to demand centers in North America with contract manufacturer Celestica, which will produce energy storage systems for Powin Energy in Mexico.

Danny Lu said, "The whole process has given us more discipline in how we design the product and the documentation around how it is designed: standard operating procedures, quality control plans... it all needs to be very committed and there needs to be no questions or gaps, no grey areas. , if the documentation is passed on to a third party, they can know exactly how to produce and quality check the product. We put a lot of resources into reviewing all the documentation and then translate it into a more transferable manufacturing strategy where the documentation package can be transferred to Celestica, or can be transferred to O2 Power. This will significantly speed up the production process for our products in other parts of the world. We want to have as many options as possible. Given all the events that are currently happening, we want to keep as much as possible where our products are made. Possibly more flexibility. One is for logistics, another is to optimize tariffs, and another is to be close to where the market demand is.”

Other international players that have achieved success in the Indian market include GE Renewable Energy, which opened a factory in Chennai earlier this year to manufacture renewable energy and related equipment such as solar inverters and integrated battery energy storage solutions.

In addition, Powin Energy's direct competitor in the energy storage system integration space, Fluence, is forming a joint venture (JV) with another Indian renewable energy company, ReNew Power. The joint venture will officially launch this summer.

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