HWS plans to use zinc-ion battery energy storage systems in new 200,000 homes

The largest U.S. homebuilder, Horton World Solutions (HWS), has signed a contract with Canadian start-up SalientEnergy to install its zinc-ion battery energy storage system in more than 200,000 homes planned by HWS. HWS pointed out that due to the many problems with lithium-ion batteries at present, it chose to use zinc-ion batteries to build residential battery energy storage systems.

American sustainable home builder Horton World Solutions (HWS), founded in 2018 by its founder and CEO Terry Horton, will partner with Salient Energy to install Salient’s zinc in new residential buildings Ion battery energy storage system.

May 30, 2022

The partnership will allow Salient zinc-ion battery energy storage systems to be eligible for deployment in more than 200,000 homes it plans to build, according to a recent announcement.

Terry Horton will also join Salient Energy's advisory board. The company describes itself as a sustainable home builder whose proprietary composite frame building system enables best-in-class energy efficiency and construction quality.

Terry Horton commented: “Energy storage is a critical part of building zero-carbon homes. But current lithium-ion battery storage systems have a lot of issues and will be exposed to fire risks, which further adds to the time and complexity we have to obtain permits. Therefore, this risk needs to be avoided. Furthermore, because lithium-ion batteries are in short supply and face the risk of supply chain disruption, it is difficult for them to be an integral part of our design and planning. Salient's zinc-ion battery energy storage system can solve this problem. Two issues, so we decided to go with it."

Terry Horton started his career at DR Horton, a company founded by his brother Donald Horton in 1978 that has grown into the largest home builder in the U.S., with sales of about $27 billion in 2021. Terry Horton left DR Horton in 2005 to explore and build more sustainable homes, eventually founding HWS in 2018.

Salient Energy's zinc-ion batteries have a water-based design that eliminates fire risks and are made from zinc and manganese metals that can be mined and processed in North America and are abundant worldwide.

The company claims that its zinc-ion battery energy storage system has the same power, performance and footprint as lithium-ion batteries, which means it can serve as a drop-in replacement for lithium-ion battery energy storage systems currently on the market. For use with residential solar systems.

Interest in zinc-based batteries as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries appears to have increased in recent months. Just last week, zinc-air battery energy storage system producer Eos Energy Enterprises received a $200 million investment commitment to commercialize and scale up production. Another producer of zinc-air battery energy storage systems, E-Zinc, also raised $25 million in a Series A round in early April.

In addition, the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), which is responsible for the research computing load at the University of California, San Diego, has also selected zinc-manganese batteries to replace its 1MW lead-acid battery energy storage system.

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