Solar PV World Expo 2022 (Guangzhou) SOLARBE Photovoltaic Network Interview with Sorotec

Solar PV World Expo 2022 (Guangzhou) welcomes you! In this exhibition, Sorotec showed the brand-new 8kw hybrid solar power system, hybrid solar inverter, off grid solar inverter and 48VDC solar power system telecom base station. The technical characteristics of the solar products launched are in the leading position in the industry.

August 11, 2022

Therefore, the industry media SOLARBE photovoltaic network specially came to the Sorotec exhibition hall and interviewed Chairman Misen Chen.

In the interview, Misen Chen introduced that Sorotec has a history of 16 years. Since its inception, the company has been engaged in power supply and power related products, aiming to solve the problem of power supply when the power is insufficient. For example, the off-grid inverter that Sorotec is currently doing is helping to solve the problem of power supply in areas with insufficient power.

Its products are very popular in the Middle East, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. These places have a common feature. The infrastructure is backward, the electricity is seriously insufficient, but the light is sufficient, and there are many deserts and wastelands. Therefore, the enterprises and households there do not rely on the state for electricity, and rely on their own production and sales.

As the core component of photovoltaic power generation, inverter, selecting it is equivalent to selecting more than half of the photovoltaic system. Because the structure of photovoltaic panels and other components is relatively simple, the problems of photovoltaic systems often occur on inverters, especially in some harsh environments.

Therefore, the quality of the inverter is the key to the photovoltaic system.

In addition to overseas markets, Sorotec also cooperates with China Tower to provide solar control cabinets for its photovoltaic hybrid power generation system on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Many base stations of these networks and telecommunications providers are built in uninhabited areas, especially in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Traditional diesel power generation consumes a lot of energy and costs, and needs to send people to refuel.

After adopting photoelectric complementation, the power consumption of the base station can be guaranteed to a great extent by using the light on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Among them, the control cabinet is the key, especially in the harsh environment of plateau and cold. Sorotec products have withstood the test of harsh environments for many years, and have become a long-term and stable supplier of Chinese towers.

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